\\ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷\ adjective
Etymology: two bits
1. : of the value of two bits

a two-bit cigar

2. : of small worth or importance : trifling, petty, small-time

the attitude of a lot of the big cattlemen was that the two-bit ranchers were a nuisance — Bruce Siberts & W.D.Wyman

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/tooh"bit'/, adj. Slang.
1. costing twenty-five cents.
2. inferior or unimportant; small-time: a two-bit actor.
[1795-1805, Amer.]

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twoˈ-bit adjective (N American)
Cheap, paltry
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Main Entry:two

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two-bit UK US adjective mainly american informal
not very good, or not important
Thesaurus: unimportantsynonym not very goodsynonym

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two-bit «TOO BIHT», adjective. U.S. Slang.
1. worth a quarter of a dollar: »

There's a man…always got a good story and a two-bit cigar for you (Sinclair Lewis).

2. Figurative. cheap; worthless: »

I admit that two-bit judge is short on ritual sense (Saturday Evening Post).

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adj. [attrib.] informal insignificant, cheap, or worthless

some two-bit town

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/ˈtuːˈbıt/ adj, always used before a noun
informal : not very important or valuable

a two-bit thief/town/opinion

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ˈtwo-bit [two-bit] adjective only before noun (informal, especially NAmE)
not good or important

She wanted to be more than just a two-bit secretary.

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